Create a Work of Art
in Any Location


Create a Work of Art
in Any Location


When the wind blows that veil away

One of my favorite things to do with my couples is to put them at ease when creating photographs like these.

I love to evoke emotions by saying something funny or silly, especially adding a veil, which makes an unflattering background look more attractive. 

Sunset in the Limo

Nothing is better than using a beautiful golden sunset for photos like these.

The sunset only lasted 5 minutes, and in that timeframe, I had to pose the couple in the limo, get them comfortable, and create a photograph that would be classic and timeless.

Brothers bond

When the groom and his brother ask me to create a cigar shot in a place with absolutely zero lighting, the first thing that comes to mind is old Hollywood and gangster movies.

I wanted to make a story from this shot by showing two brothers bonding, blowing lots of smoke, and having an interesting conversation. 

He has an eye for lighting like no other photographer I have ever seen before and can make a simple backdrop look like a true work of art.

Lauren M


Hi, I’m Yan

As a creative person, I like to approach my weddings from a different angle. My constant desire to create something unique out of ordinary and boring locations is part of who I am as a photographer.

Arriving at a location with no windows and 20 people crammed in a tiny room, I think about how I should turn this around and compose a photograph that the couple will put in a wedding album.

I always look for beautiful light; I create my own, even if it’s not around.

My goal as a photographer is to help the bride and groom on their wedding day and direct them with things that most couples are always worried about. 

At the end of the wedding day, I take pride in giving my couples an extraordinary experience they will remember. 

Yan is so beyond talented, our photos turned out amazing, he has an extraordinary eye for photography. Spots we didn’t think to take photos at Yan positioned us and took the most beautiful photos”

Natalie D

When I walked into the bar and noticed this beautiful dark marble top surrounded by so many candles, it inspired me to create an exciting photo my couple was highly pleased with. I asked the bar guy to hold the light for me on the other side, and by bringing the camera low, I could get that beautiful reflection.

The Final Result!

If you want your wedding day to be remembered the right way, you hire Yan.

Cheryl Z