This year I have been shooting so many interesting and unique weddings that words cannot describe how excited I am to start sharing my photos and my impressions with all of you.

Last week I had a chance to photograph a beautiful Asian wedding at one of my favorite venues “Basking Ridge Country Club”.

This is the venue where I photographed one of my first weddings ever in New Jersey and there are so many memories that relate to Basking Ridge.

The wedding took place on September 9, 2018 and the weather outlook on that day wasn’t promising at all. The bride and a groom were getting ready at the Courtyard Marriot in Basking Ridge, NJ where I took plenty of creative photos of the bride with her bridesmaids as well as the groom alone and with his groomsmen. The bride has a huge passion for a photography, so as a gift from her fiancée she received a professional camera lens, not something that I see a lot on my weddings. As a wedding photographer – I definitely welcome that kind of a gift.

Despite the rain, bride was not willing to change her plans for the first look that was supposed to take place at the beautiful Leonard J. Buck Gardens in Far Hills, NJ.

She had umbrellas prepared for the whole bridal party and so we went with the plan. The first look was extremely emotional with the groom crying alone with some other members of the bridal party. It was one of my favorite wedding photoshoots ever and that garden was so inspiring and picturesque for photos.

The beautiful ceremony at the Baking Ridge country club was held inside the tent accompanied by 2 kids playing the violin. The vows they read to each other were remarkable, definitely something I would remember for a long time.

The reception introduction was amazing, accompanied by first dances, amazing speeches, a surprise song sang by a groom’s sister and a beautiful slideshow.

Every wedding has an end but I am so happy to be able to capture it and pass along those memories through my camera.