I met Lindsay about 5 years ago, at the time I was managing an optical store few days a week and I hired Lindsay to work for me. She was an amazing employee and of course she always knew that I was a Wedding photographer. We had such a great connection and 3 years later I was more than thrilled to find out that I will be photographing her beautiful wedding.

They were planning a very small wedding at her favorite venues Perona Farms. I was very excited not only that I will be photographing a wedding but the wedding of someone that I got to know very well through the years.

I started the preparation at the hotel where she and Kris were staying. It was my first time starting photographing a bride at 8am in the morning. What a joy it was working with her as well as with her whole bridal party.

After I finished doing hers and Kris’s prep, everybody boarded on the big party bus while Kris’s face was covered so he wouldn’t see her till we get to Perona Farms.

The first look was amazing and very emotional, it went very well and it followed by fun shots of the whole bridal party goofing and enjoying the beautiful premises of Perona Farms.

Early Ceremony followed by a cocktail hour and then followed by reception. The food was extraordinary, everybody enjoyed it and then the introduction, the first dances, the emotional speeches and tons of dancing right after.

Few weeks after the wedding I received the note from Lindsay thanking me for capturing her day the way she envisioned it and more. That’s the best compliment I could get as a wedding photographer and therefore I am so passionate about what I do….