What a great time I’ve had photographing my brand new couple of whom I had a pleasure to meet through a mutual friend of mine. Their June wedding is scheduled to take place at the “Breakers” in the beautiful Spring Lake, NJ. We scheduled our engagement photoshoot in the last week of December which happened to be one of the coldest weeks of the month.

The day of our engagement it was so cold outside that it froze a nearby lake where our photoshoot took place.

The sun was shining through the naked trees of the park as I was creating different scenes for my photos. To add dimension and creative feel to my photos I was using light brown color bushes and branches as my foreground and frozen lakes as my reflection. I always like to add my big off camera flash to make sure that my couples get appropriate exposure to help soften their skin tons and create more natural look.

Josh and Alexa brought a lot of positive energy with them and it definitely made our engagement photo session fun and entertainment. What a great chemistry they had and me as a wedding photographer always trying to deliver that special connection through my photos.

I am so looking forward photographing their beatiful beach wedding in June and I can not wait to capture those special moments.