I met Megan and Joey last year when they were looking for their wedding photographer. What a great connection we had right off the bat. They have 3 beautiful children which were a big part of their wedding celebration as well as their engagement shoot I had with them 6 months prior the wedding.

Their wedding was scheduled on December 1st, it was a pretty chilly day. It started with the prep at the Hotel followed by the first look outside of their church where the ceremony was going to take place. The First look took place at about 3pm, the lighting was fantastic and everybody was eager to see the reaction of the groom seeing his beautiful bride for the first time.

Joey was extremely emotional when he saw Megan, they both cried and it was so beautiful to witness that.

The ceremony was exceptional and the couple exited the Church with the support of their bridal party holding sparkles and cheering the brand new couple.

Beautiful reception took place at the The Reception center in Matawan, NJ. First dances, powerful speeches and a great DJ that kept everyone entertained for the rest of the night.

Thank you Megan and Joey for letting me be a part of your your beautiful wedding as well as letting me capture your story.