Being a professional wedding photographer has taught me so many things throughout the years that I would love to share them on my blog to help future couples to plan their special day.
One of my favorite things is to meet my new potential clients, get to know them, ask them all sorts of questions related to their wedding day as well as help them to plan their day logically in order to make the best out of it. Here are some tips that I would love to share with my future couples

Tip #1 :
Wedding photographer is not a wedding planner but in many cases he/she actually is. We as wedding photographers spend all day with couples starting from the prep and finishing up till the DJ plays the last song. Nobody will know your schedule as well as planning all these details to the minute better than your wedding photographer. That’s why it’s so important for any couples to ask their photographer as many questions as possible and vice versa. Compare to other NJ wedding photographers I want to be involved in planning my couples day and take some stress off of them on their actual day.

Tip #2
Clean your space!! I am very much aware of how stressful the wedding day is, especially today’s weddings. All this planning, preparation, worrying about the weather, canceling guests, not to mention the expenses that keep coming, it’s all comes down to that actual wedding day. I know cleaning is the last thing on anybody’s mind. I, sometimes spend close to 30 minutes to clean the space before I even take the camera out of my bag. Those 30 minutes I could’ve taken photos and not worrying about having a messy space with unidentified objects in the background of my photos. Hiring a professional wedding photographer is not cheap, so please make sure you treasure their time.

Tip #3:
Bride is many times late because of her make up not getting done on time!
I, as a wedding photographer witnessed many situations when Bride and Groom were late almost an hour for their ceremony and everything else got pushed 1 hour later included their wedding ceremony and a wedding reception. As we all understand, the bride can not leave the hotel room till her make up and hair is done and most importantly her final photos before she leaves the room. Therefore, please be specific with your make up artist as to their time of arrival and make sure the bride is getting her make up done first before her bridemaids in order to eliminate delays.

Tip # 4:
Eliminate multiple locations on your wedding day that are 30-45 minutes away from each other.
Why would anyone wants to add more stress on their wedding day when sitting in traffic and trying to make it on time to your own cocktail hour. From shooting over 300 New Jersey Weddings and traveling thousand of miles every week, I learned one important thing- Don’t be late to your own wedding that has been so meticulously planned for years. It goes back to tip #1- listen to your professional wedding photographer and take his/her advice when planing your wedding day.

Tip #5:
Let go off your control and start trusting your vendors!
Relax your mind and let the vendors who you hired do their job and take care of you from the beginning to an end. Start enjoying your wedding from the minute you wake up and try to remember every minute of it.