As a wedding photographer who has been doing it for over 6 years i started noticing some new and exciting things that our Millennial is bringing up to the table. The large presence of Social media and a sense of instant gratification started changing the whole wedding photography/videography industry and I think it’s for the better.

One of the new things that my new clients asking for before booking their wedding, even the actual wedding date – is an engagement session.

I know this is a lot of work for many photographers out there, but it’s the best way for a client to get the sense of who is the photographer they will trust their most important day to, the style he/she shooting, the way they interact with the client, the way they make that client feel, their energy and their body language. That will eventually determine the final product that the future bride or a groom needs to approve and share on Social media.

There are so many things that experienced Wedding photographer needs to make sure they accomplish during those 60 minutes of an engagement photoshoot. From proper lighting, perfect exposure, posing or candid, deciding on the proper background or foreground, choosing a right lens for various shooting scenario and the list goes on and on.

It’s sort of like a job interview but more in action and that’s where a great photographer will stand out from the large crowd of faux photographers.

For the past 3 years I’ve shot over 400 engagements and they are so many things I personally learned as I was working with my couples.

Every couple is so different from one another and my number one priority was always to connect with them before I even take the camera out of my bag so both of us can really enjoy our photoshoot.

Lastly, I wanted to share few tips for any couples for their first engagement session.

Yes, they are plenty of beautiful parks for some amazing engagements but try to choose a location where the location of the park surrounded by a small town or a city. It will bring a different vibe to your photos, the sense of architecture in your background will create more energy and add a different mood. Instead it having just trees and only trees in the background, your photos will look richer with colors, textures and combinations of trees, cars, boutiques and buildings in the background.

Dress Code
I have been stressing this important issue for a long time but unfortunately some couples still show up to their engagements dressed like they just got out of their bed. Of course, everyone has their personal style in the the way they dress which I understand but please make sure not to wear shorts, t-shirts, flip flops or pajama pants on your professional photoshoot where your photos will be shared and seeing by thousands of people on Social media.

Be Relaxed
Have a little drink one hour before the photoshoot. I always joke with my “serious” couples if they had a drink before they got here and the answer i am always getting- “we should’ve have”. In all honesty, if you were never been photographed professionally, anyone will feel awkward being in front of the camera for the first time. It’s quite alright to have a glass of wine before your first important photoshoot and that mood and a good energy will reflect in your pictures.

Be On Time
Lastly, do not be late on your own engagement shoot. When the photographer schedules a certain time for a photoshoot, he/she has a very strong reason for doing so. The most important reason is the lighting. The right timing for any photoshoot is either in the very early morning before the sunrise or 1.5 hour before the sunset or as we call it a “golden hour”. If you are being late, every 15 minutes lost in time means less time to capture those important moments that translate into photographs that every couple is so waiting for.