Did you know that close to 50% of brides have regrets with their wedding photography? One of the main reasons they feel this way is the lack of direction in the art of posing from their photographer. To prevent feeling any regrets about your wedding day photography, I have some tips that will help every bride and groom look and feel amazing on their wedding day.

Before photoshoots, brides often tell me that they prefer to have their wedding photos in a more candid style, capturing a moment without focusing on posing too much. The idea of someone walking around with a camera to capture details without disturbing the flow of the day sounds exciting, right?

Perhaps it may, but in reality, the process of photography is much more complex than that.

Photography is an art form and it should be treated as such. The famous paintings of Rembrandt are notably beautiful because of the natural light used to position his subject, emphasizing the sense of depth, dimension, and mystery. 400 years later, photographers around the world use Rembrandt’s techniques as inspiration for their work.

Keeping in mind the art form in photography alongside the clients’ wedding photography requests, I am able to capture not only fun and candid photos as per request, but the feel of fine art in my work as well. Wedding photography without direction will result in a disaster: the bride expects to see beautiful images but will receive meaningless photos and disappointment.

Tip #1: When directing the poses for the bride, I start off with her feet. I ask to bend and turn the front knee to shift her weight forward in order to accentuate her figure and look slimmer. Despite a perfect window light, specific instructions must be given such as lifting the chin and turning the head towards the light. I usually ask the bride to mirror my directions for a clearer understanding of the pose.

Tip #2: I want the bride to look tall, elegant and confident. I ask them to really stretch their spines, no slouching allowed. When it comes to the eyes, I keep it very simple and ask her to look at the camera, down, or at her flowers.

Tip #3: When it comes to posing with the hands, there are many different options. The bride can place her hands on her dress by bending her arms in or she can hold her veil or bouquet. Regardless of the pose, the hands should never hang straight down.

Tip #4: When it comes to posing the groom, I would ask him to lean forward with his head tilting towards the lower shoulder. Similar to brides, I would ask him to occupy the hands by holding the collar, adjusting the watch/cufflinks, one hand in the pocket or adjusting the buttons of the suit.

Tip #5: For posing couples, their true chemistry and my direction is important! For a couple posing in front of a professional camera for the first time, they may feel shy. Remember, wedding photos should represent love and connection, so finding ways to feel comfortable is key. Some poses for couples include holding hands, leaning their foreheads together, looking at each other and leaning in for a kiss. These poses should evoke comfort, a smile, and some genuine laughs. The more at ease the couple is, the more authentic their photos will be.

The perfect photo stems from perfect lighting, perfect composition, and perfect posing. With these important factors, I can promise you will get the best results.

As a former professional musician, being creative and innovative was always my secret weapon and, of course, I am happily applying that throughout my photography career.