You plan to have your beautiful wedding ceremony outside by the lake, you want beautiful hanging lights during your outdoor reception, and you envision your wedding photos with the beaming sunlight glistening on your skin during your special day. The most important day of your life is here and unfortunately, the weather forecast is not promising. Evidently, you can plan your wedding meticulously but the weather is entirely out of your control. Take a deep breath, relax and understand that the wedding photographer and vendors will help you make the best out of the situation.

Throughout my career as a photographer, I have shot many weddings in the rain with the couples and myself having a positive outlook. Having a positive attitude throughout life will manifest positive results! It is your wedding day so take a deep breath and focus on not panicking. Most venues and wedding coordinators always have a Plan B to move the ceremony inside with decor resembling the outdoor venue.

I have learned many different techniques on dealing with the rain and fortunately they are all successful, allowing for my clients to remain calm and confident. Not to mention, without the sun, photos look and feel entirely different in terms of dimension and texture which create artsy/painting like images that are absolutely gorgeous.

During consultations with future clients, I show samples of my work with weddings I have shot in the rain to explain my techniques and to prove that they have nothing to worry about if the weather does not permit.

As I have mentioned before, choose your vendor wisely! Do your research and trust their expertise and their ability to do their jobs responsibly.