Throughout my years of experience as a wedding photographer, I have learned a great deal of insights on what it takes to have the perfect wedding day. One of my favorite parts of my job is getting to know my new potential clients by asking them many questions about their wedding day plans and how I can help make their day run as smoothly as possible. Future couples, here are some tips on planning your special day!

Tip #1: Planning

Evidently, wedding photographers are not meant to plan your wedding, but they surely can  assist in terms of planning the details involving timing and location in order to get the perfect shots. As a wedding photographer, I like to be present from the wedding prep, all the way until the DJ’s last song and, because of that, it is important for couples to ask me many questions, as I would vice versa. Unlike other wedding photographers, I am willing and able to be involved in planning my client’s wedding day in order to relieve as much stress as I can for them on their special day.

Tip #2: Clean your space

Although wedding days are meant to be perfect, they have the potential for a bundle of stress: worrying about the weather, guests canceling, expenses that seem endless, etc. With more important details on the agenda, cleaning may seem minimal, but it can actually save you time and money. Understandably, hiring a wedding photographer is not cheap and therefore, making sure to clean the space where photos are being taken will allow the photographer to spend more time focusing on capturing your perfect shots, rather than wasting time cleaning the space.

Tip #3: Stay on schedule

Getting hair and makeup done is essential for most brides and therefore, it is important to remember to stay on schedule! For wedding days, running off schedule means delaying all the oncoming wedding festivities which can cause other issues subsequently. In order to eliminate delays, discuss timing and other details with your makeup artists to ensure that the entire wedding day runs smoothly and on schedule.

Tip #4: Location

For the sake of time and convenience, try to keep the travel time to the various locations of your wedding celebration under 30 minutes. Commuting can be unpredictable and out of your control  so with this in mind, try to have a detailed schedule planned. From my experiences of shooting over 300 weddings, punctuality is key!

Tip #5: Take a deep breath

Understandably, wedding days can be stressful but always remember to take a deep breath, relax and trust the vendors you hired to do their jobs responsibly from start to finish. Enjoy your wedding day!