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Category: Engagements

Engagement session on the frozen lake

What a great time I've had photographing my brand new couple of whom I had a pleasure to meet through a mutual friend of mine. Their June wedding is scheduled to take place at the "Breakers" in the beautiful Spring Lake, NJ. We scheduled our engagement photoshoot in the last week of December which happened to be one of the coldest weeks of the month. The day of our engagement it was so cold outside that it froze a nearby lake where our photoshoot...

4 Secrets of a Beautiful Engagement Session from Professional Photographer

As a wedding photographer who has been doing it for over 6 years i started noticing some new and exciting things that our Millennial is bringing up to the table. The large presence of Social media and a sense of instant gratification started changing the whole wedding photography/videography industry and I think it’s for the better. One of the new things that my new clients asking for before booking their wedding, even the actual wedding date -...